Illenium‘s sophomore effort Awake is easily one of the most stunning releases of the year — and the producer recently opened up to AXS about the album and tour!

The entire album truly is a breath of fresh air, and Illenium tells all about what it means to him. While he finds inspiration in “everything,” Awake has a general underlying theme about the ups and downs of relationships.

“It starts sad, it kind of starts in a place of loss and it comes out in a place of hope,” Illenium explains.

Of course, there are many other ways to interpret what goes on within the melodic builds and falls of Illenium’s art. At the end of the day, his focus is to make people feel something — including himself — rather than to just make party music.

“I’m not trying to make a radio hit that is going to be in all the frat houses and stuff. I kinda just wanna make music that I can relate with and that has part of my story in it, so that I can be on a personal level with it.”

“Making music is vulnerable. Listening to music is vulnerable.”

Watch the full interview below and catch Illenium on his Awake Tour tour this Fall as he ditches the CDJs for a full-on live show performance.

AXS Interview: Illenium

AXS Interviews: Illenium

Got to sit down with axs and talk a little bit about the album and the Awake tour!

Posted by Illenium on Saturday, October 14, 2017

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