Miriam Tamar is fast becoming well-known in the pop house arena for her uplifting vocals and tribal inspired beats. Her most recent EP, Firedance released in February and garnered her critical acclaim both for her message and her clean production. As if Tamar wasn’t doing enough for the dance community, she has recently teamed up with an interesting organization called Breakdance Project Uganda and EDM powerhouse producer Morsy to make a video for the remix of the title track off Firedance with gorgeous results.

The original mix of “Firedance” was produced by Michael McGregor and has its own lyric video, and both versions of the track have a heavy tribal flavor, but Morsy’s version seems to be more tuned to big room EDM. This is not unexpected from Morsy, as he is known for dancefloor house bangers, and this style of course also pairs well with the video, which features children in Uganda Dancing, presumably as part of the Breakdance Project Uganda.

Tamar has been working with the Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU) since 2010.

“I learned about Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU) and met the founder/director, Abramz Tekya, back around 2010, while I was living in post-conflict Northern Uganda working in Peace Education,” Tamar said about how she came to create this video. “One of my housemates did some work with the regional BPU, and the kids would occasionally practice on our large compound (yard/driveway). Abramz is also a hip hop artist, so we remained connected over the years through our Ugandan artist community. I always envisioned Firedance with dance visuals, because dance is another form of expression that goes beyond words, that can express complete catharsis – the strength of an inner flame that sometimes can’t be seen otherwise. BPU uses dance and hip hop culture to empower disadvantaged youth throughout Uganda. In the video, you can see the joy, resilience, sense of community and self-confidence that BPU brings the kids working and living in Uganda and they also gave these things to me. It’s our shared ‘firedance.'”

When Tamar explains her passion for BPU and her reasoning for teaming up with them in this video, it gives a whole new meaning to this uplifting and emotive song. Your EDM is happy to premiere the video to help Tamar raise awareness for this wonderful cause, using dance and music to bring communities together and instill a sense of hope everywhere in the world.

Firedance, including the Morsy remix, is available to stream or purchase on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. For more information about Breakdance Project Uganda, click here.