SASASAS, the drum and bass supergroup who have been burning up the festival circuit for almost three years straight, also write and produce a huge number of tracks to keep up with their performance schedule. Your EDM interviewed the two DJs supplying the music, Phantasy and Macky Gee, about this process of putting out tracks as fast as they can play them out, and it sounds as if, at the very least, this group has to work very hard to manage their time.

With their crazy touring and production schedule, SASASAS still managed to put out a video for one of Phantasy and Macky Gee’s most popular tracks, a jump up banger called “Let It Shine” which features Youngman, whose silky smooth vocals give the track a bit of a liquid touch. The video is adorable and fun just like the group itself and poses Macky and Phantasy as their much older selves, reminiscing about their “days in the sunshine,” touring and enjoying life. The video stresses the most important tenants on which SASASAS were founded: fun shows, dancing and the incredibly strong friendship all the group’s members have.

Because SASASAS tour so much and pump out songs so quickly, Phantasy and Macky lamented that they often can’t release all the tracks they would like to, largely because there are so many now that have been performed and then moved on. This was the reason for creating their new USB key with ten of their most-played and most-sought after tracks like “Descendre,” “Robot Funk,” and “Dirtyyy” as well as VIPs of “Ain’t My Fault” and “Space Hopper,” and special instrumental versions of “Nocturnal Insomniacs” and “Rampage.” The stick is great for fans and producers alike in this way, and Macky and Phantasy encourage remixes.

It seems the producers are pleased with the stick, and they saw it as a way to get a lot of tracks out in a lot of different formats at once. “We worked on these tunes and tested them out live. We got a wicked response from them fans were hitting us up asking for the release dates so we decided to compile the 10 tracks together for the USB exclusively for the fans to have of their own,” Macky said.

Phantasy credits his friend and production partner for the idea. “Macky suggested doing the USB key at the start of the year but it took a while with all our touring to make and select the 10 tracks we were happy with and once we released it,” Phantasy said, “the response has been brilliant.” It sounds like these USB releases might become a regular feature of the already unique group, which already defies DnB performing convention with the two DJs and four MCs: Harry Shotta, Skibbadee, Shabba D and Stormin.

Both the USB stick and “Let It Shine” are available for purchase now. The click here for the USB purchase page and here for download links for “Let It Shine” in a number of formats.