Teddy Killerz have been running around the festival circuit all summer, so it’s not surprising that “New Jam” was pretty much all we heard from the jumpy neuro group in recent months. However, as they’re friends of Your EDM – as are RAM Recordings – TK have decided to give a us a list of their favorite hits of the summer and going into fall. Unlike most playlists where it’s just a track listing and “the end,” TK’s resident English scholar Garud also wanted to let us know exactly why these are his favorite tracks of the summer. So, without further ado, here are some of Teddy Killerz’s bangers to say farewell to summer and get you though the fall.

Teddy Killerz – Chopper

My favourite drum & bass tune off of our album. It’s so dirty and I love the vibe. It sounds nothing like anything else on there – it’s a weird, dancefloor tune

Loadstar – Rundown

Loadstar are some of our favourite producers. Run Down is a very typical Loadstar track. If you see Loadstar have written a tune, you know what to expect and you’ll never be disappointed.

Teddy Killerz – Wasteland (feat. The Qemists

We’re huge fans of Qemists. I think drum & bass has been missing those rock elements recently.

AMC and Turno – Ice Cold

They’re the main duo of this year for us. Ice Cold is one of my top three tunes from this year. It’s a super cool tune, just pure vibes.

Annix & Prestige – The Dog Knows

Another track from our top three. It’s aggressive as hell and totally gangster. It should have been included on the Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels soundtrack.

Whiney feat. Inja – Flashlight

It’s just a cool tune that we like listening to. Inja is an amazing vocalist. And we like Whiney too, he’s a really interesting artist who we’ve followed from the beginning of his career. Their combination works really well.

Teddy Killerz & Signal – Funky Feeling

After all these sound experiments we decided to do something old school. Funky Feeling is our vision of old school in 2017. We were inspired primarily by Dimension’s UK tune and it’s use of breaks, as well as the way it looks back at drum & basses roots.

What So Not – Divide & Conquer (Noisia Remix)

Another track from our top three of 2017 so far. It kicks the brain out of your head and creates chaos on the dancefloor. Noisia took it next level.

1991 – VHS

This tune has a wicked groove, it’s really cool.

Enei – Transition

Alex is a great sound engineer. We like his ideas; with everything he releases we always find something for our sets.

“New Jam” by Teddy Killerz is out now on RAM. Check the RAM website for more upcoming tracks and tour dates form Teddy Killerz