Although tweets have been deleted, Calvin Harrisbizarre spat with some health care providers isn’t going unnoticed…

Public Health England has stepped in to address the truth behind the producer’s claims, after he described the flu poke as a “neurotoxin shot” to his 12.7 million followers. Dr. Ben White, Dr. Ellie, and some other reputable health care informers quickly jumped into the conversation — get caught up on the full story here.

Calvin’s remark, “I think I would probably save a lot of people getting your free neurotoxin shot at your clinic this winter,” is the particularly controversial statement being addressed by the organization.

Head of respiratory disease at Public Health England, Richard Pebody, released a statement following Calvin’s allegations made on social media: “All ingredients in the flu vaccine are safe.”

“The main ingredient of any vaccine is the disease-causing virus, bacteria or toxin. But a number of other components are needed to make the final vaccine as safe and effective as possible.”

In other words… just don’t take health advice from Calvin, ok?

Calvin Harris vs. Doctors

Photo via | Source: Daily Mail