deadmau5 is once again calling out one of the most legendary names in dance music for allegedly being ghost produced…

It all started with a tweet from a fan asking for a collaboration between him and BT. Without hesitation, deadmau5 bluntly responded, “Which producer tho, there’s a few.”

Earlier this year, deadmau5 also tackled the subject during one of his live streams. He didn’t hold back then either, going off on a mini rant when BT was brought up. Skip to 13:37 in the video below to hear deadmau5 speak on BT and ghost producers.

“BT doesn’t produce shit. He fucking hires, dude. Everybody fucking knows it. It’s not even a diss. It’s not us just being shady because we don’t fucking like the guy. He legitimately hires other producers. It’s not like a secret, trust me.”

So anyone expecting that BT x deadmau5 track in this lifetime — keep dreamin’.

deadmau5 on BT


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