One of the most anticipated EPs of the year has finally dropped – Acid Disk by G Jones and Eprom.

As two of the most creative bass music producers in the game right now, an entire EP between the two of them is all we’ve ever wanted. In spite of the fact that “Hysteria” is the only actual collaboration on the EP (two tracks are G Jones solo and two are Eprom solo), the full Acid Disk EP is so full of insane tracks anyway that we really don’t care. (Though, it would have been nice.)

“Transform” and “Help! I Can’t Find My Way Out” are both G Jones originals that could not be more different. “Transform” is probably the G Jones you’re more used to, with crazy bass patches and off-kilter production and rhythm; “Help!” is taking the Acid Disk EP name to heart with some of the craziest acid techno we’ve heard in a minute… but I guess that’s what happens when it’s G Jones at the helm.

“666-Acid” and “Dark Souls” are the two Eprom originals; neither are so at odds with each other as the G Jones tracks were, but they’re still quite different. “666-Acid” takes on a more Boys Noize-esque identity as far as the synth work is concerned, but the irregular percussion is still indicative of classic Eprom. “Dark Souls” is more along the lines of apocalypse incarnate. Heavy bass notes, the classic irregular rhythm, added breaks and vocal samples, and it’s hell on Earth (but in a good way!).

Check out the full EP below.

G Jones & Eprom – Acid Disk EP


Photo via Joffrey Photo