Those signing up to be club bouncers probably never saw “defend against ISIS attacks” in the job description, but nevertheless new security measures are calling for them to step up.

This comes as British security services seek to prevent low-level attacks by radicals that associate with the Islamic State militant group (ISIS). During the National Security Summit this week, it was addressed that security guards could become critical to counter-terrorism efforts.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner stated: “Vigilance in the public space is critical, and there are many, many more private security guards out there than there are police officers. We are looking at how we train them more effectively to be a better part of the national armory that we have against terrorism.”

Many private security guards and bouncers are able to deal with criminal disturbances as it is, but this plan takes their roles a step further. The orders of operation won’t allow bouncers any additional legal authority, but instead encourage thorough training to detect suspicious activity.

Britain has experienced four attacks claimed by ISIS just this year, including Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert and the London Bridge attack. The threat level has been at “critical” ever since.


Sources: Newsweek, The Times