UPDATE: Getter has responded to last night’s events, blames someone taking his rider too seriously. He claims it was all a joke. Read here.

Getter is drawing a line in the sand… you’re either a fan of Bassnectar… Or you’re a fan of his.

If this sounds ridiculous, so were the security rules upon entering Echostage in Washington DC for Getter’s show last night, featuring Party Favor and Spock.

Although one would think any type of wardrobe goes, especially on Halloween, attendees describe a strict dress code being enforced. According to fans on Twitter, security made it clear that no Bassnectar merchandise would be allowed into the venue.

No kandi allowed either, because f*ck PLUR, right?

Getter Bans Bassnectar Merch

Some fans just thought it was funny…

Getter didn’t only dish out “tricks” on Halloween, he served up a pretty hefty treat — he dropped his brand new banger “Big Mouth” for free.

Check it out here, unless you’re wearing a bass drop, because no Bassnectar allowed.


Photo via Rukes.com