Tomorrow marks the return of the critically acclaimed Netflix show Stranger Things. While you queue up your account to watch the new season, check out the show’s soundtrack on Spotify for an awesome easter egg.

Composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of the band S U R V I V E, the Stranger Things soundtrack is incredible. Now, when playing the soundtrack on the Spotify desktop or mobile apps, a great effect occurs. An overlay darkens the screen and adds a moving flashlight beam and falling spores, taking the listener straight into The Upside Down. But, if you move your mouse or touch your phone screen, the easter egg disappears. It’s a neat visual easter egg, hyping us more for the second season.

In other Spotify/Stranger Things news, you can now check out official playlists based on several of the show’s characters. Head to the Spotify/Stranger Things page and the streaming service will analyze your listening habits. Then, you will find out which character you match with. Each playlist features songs inspired by their character, including psychedelic jams for Dustin and death metal ragers for the Demogorgon. Hype levels: through the ceiling.