It all started last week when Carnage and Deadmau5 were billed on the same lineup for Calgary’s Cemetery of Sound. (Whoever made that booking is probably shaking their head about now…) Deadmau5 and Carnage apparently got into a minor physical altercation – deadmau5 claimed that Carnage was looking for drama and Carnage claims that deadmau5 shoved him. Dillon Francis has said all that needs to be said about that…

Then on Halloween, Carnage started a chant of “fuck deadmau5” at his show in New York, which brought the wrath of not just deadmau5 fans, but the EDM community down on him, calling him names like “childish” and “trash.” It was certainly an immature move that has no place in dance music, let alone normal, decent human interaction.

Still, Deadmau5 bit his tongue for once and merely replied, “Who?”

Today, Carnage has once again gone on a rant on Twitter about deadmau5, serving only to make himself look more foolish. He continues to call deadmau5 a “pussy.”

He writes, “he ran like a little bitch after i pulled up on him….. how are you gonna be so tough on the internet and be a bitch in person.” Maybe it’s because you have 100 pounds on him and he’s not interested in petty, schoolyard drama?

He continues, “till the day i die… it will be fuck deadmau5… and nothing will ever change….”



He ends his rant by saying “I haven’t said anything about it since Friday,” which is just a straight up lie… he started a “fuck deadmau5” chant at a show in front of hundreds of people. Or did he forget that he recorded video of that himself?

And you can bet when people share this article, deadmau5’s response will just be, “Who?”


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