Boutique label Marmoset Music has a rather interesting new project for producers, DJs and vocalists. Per the label, “For this project, the producers at Marmoset excavated a collection of 100 or more year-old songs in the public domain” and “recreated songs entirely different from the original design.”

What you end up getting is a collection of 10 tracks that sound familiar but are entirely unique and new.

Distance chose to take on this 1919 classic “The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise,” written by Eugene Lockhart, sung by Ernest Seitz. As you can imagine, the amount of electronic musicianship in the 1910s is rather nonexistent, so Distance had a lot of room to play around. Reimagining the lyrics with the help of Frankie Simone also helped to give it a brighter, fresher sound.

“The original is pretty light on lyrics,” said Distance of the single. “So, to put my own twist on it, I decided to use a heavy drop because it’s so different from the original structure of the song. Almost like adding an exclamation point to the original – helping the song fit in today’s modern EDM form, while also keeping its own uniqueness as it ventures off melodically.”

Check out the new song from Distance and Frankie Simone below! And as an added bonus, we’ve included the original, as well.