Alison Wonderland‘s signature phrase “Fuck Me Up On A Spiritual Level” makes its fierce, lyrical debut in the producer’s single from her sophomore studio album!

Happy Place” is more than just a song, it serves as a portal — transporting anyone who listens away from a negative space and into a spiritual realm only capable of bliss. For Alison Wonderland and her fans, this  “Happy Place” exists to its fullest potential at each and every one of her shows. It captures that feeling of letting go and getting completely lost in the music, but easily translates to any other happy state-of-mind.

AW has always mixed in her personal experiences and some extra realness into her productions, but with “Happy Place” she reveals something never heard before. The track has already become a signature play in her sets, coming off from the FMUOASL Tour and as she gears up for the Wonderland Scarehouse Project.

As for the indescribably heavy, delightfully otherworldly sounds and feelings that come attached to the new single, Alison says: “If u like it pass it on. I wrote this from a super deep place I hope it reaches people.”

“Happy Place” is officially out tomorrow, but you can hear it right now (lyrics below if you want to go even deeper)!

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Alison Wonderland – Happy Place

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Happy Place – Lyrics

Give up these noises
Silence my mind
We all have choices
Where can I find

My happy place

Fuck me up

Shut up around me
Voices about
Swear I’m not crazy
What’s the amount for

My happy place

Fuck me up


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Insomniac