It’s not you, it’s Snapchat. Apparently the app went a lil cray cray overnight and users have been experiencing tons of different issues sending, receiving, and refreshing snaps.

The “selfie app” problems have been going on for a while, but an influx of outages around the world spiked starting around 4:33 am EST / 1:33 am PST.

As Daily Star notes, notification glitches seem to be the key offender. According to Down Detector, around 66 percent of those hit were having problems receiving snaps or refreshing. The outage tracker found that another 16 percent had issues with the app not logging in or connecting to the server, and the remaining 16 percent flagged problems sending snaps.

Other recent snapchat issues include snapchat “ghost” notifications interfering with music, not being able to watch bedtime “Stories,” and a plethora of other issues as detailed by users below. Also, RIP to those SnapStreaks you and your best friend have been working on.

Ironically, users sought out help for all these bugs via Twitter storm overnight. Snapchat Support (@snapchatsupport) has been actively communicating about the issues.

For many, Snapchat is up and running again, but there is still a glaring amount of recent issues the app will have to face. Hopefully that all new redesign comes with a less glitchy interface.

Snapchat Glitches Out For Many Users

As if Snappers weren’t upset enough, this guy put this thought into all of our heads…

Source: Daily Star