Between bouncing show to show, teaching herself how to play the piano, and FK-ing A GENRE up along the way, Mija has been hard at work on her new EP. Though little is known of her new musical journey, we do have a look, a release date, and even a title for her leading single “Bad for U.”

“dear universe~ i made an EP!! and the first single comes out November 30,” the OWSLA producer shares. “it’s a song i produced called ‘Bad for U’ with vocals/lyrics from my good friend and madly talented singer, Kelli Schaefer.”

“this song runs deep in both of our hearts & we can’t wait to share it with u,” she adds.

In a series of social posts, the lyrics of “Bad for U” have also started forming:

this world is bad for you. and it’s bad for me too. but we’re so lucky.
i hear it all the time. as if being lucky must have just slipped our minds.

Mija’s first original solo single “Secrets” made a statement, featuring a drum and bass meets bubbly pop sound design. She also impressed with her 4-track Time Stops EP, intended for a visual project still to come. As for the forthcoming EP, Meej promises it will be different from anything out there, and the “truest version” of herself we have yet to hear.

Check back November 30th for the new song from Mija!

Mija – “Bad for U” Coming – November 30