A collaborative effort between Sonos sound systems and IKEA furniture strives to “create future home sound experiences” — and we really like the sounds of that!

Ikea is taking on sound installations along with one of the leading brands for home listening. Sleek design, music connectivity, and quality sound are all the focus of this new line of home furnishings.

Björn Block, Business Leader, IKEA Home Smart at IKEA of Sweden explains the project:

“Together with Sonos we want to democratize music and sound in the home, and we want to create products designed for how people listen together at home. By teaming up with Sonos we want to combine IKEA home furnishing knowledge with Sonos’ expertise within great home sound.”

Sounds pretty straightforward. While there are little to no details on the project (literally, the teaser video gives away absolutely nothing besides the brands involved), we can expect IKEA’s eye for trendy furniture mixed with Sonos’ ear for sound.

For anyone wanting to shape the perfect atmosphere for home listening — this could be it! Stay tuned!

Sonos x Ikea


Source: TechCrunch