2017 was the year of The Chainsmokers! 61 countries. 101 million fans. 162 million hours of listening. And that’s just if you count Spotify!

As part of Spotify’s 2017 Wrapped movement, these stats have been officially announced and The Chainsmokers are obviously stoked about it. In a post revealing these accomplishments, the electronic duo shared some thoughts on their success.

“This sort of stuff is so motivating. If you’re an artist out there never bet against yourself and keep proving everyone wrong!”

The Chainsmokers also claimed 3 of Spotify’s 15 most streamed dance tracks for 2017. They nabbed #1, #3 and #7 with hit songs “Something Just Like This,” “Paris,” and “Closer” (the last of which was released in 2016). The Chainsmokers strongly represent EDM as far as Spotify listening goes for 2017.

Congrats to The Chainsmokers on all their massive accomplishments this year!

Spotify 2017 Wrapped – The Chainsmokers


Photo via Rukes.com