Following in the footsteps of Zedd and his famous M&M’s commercial, another producer has earned himself a candy promo that’s delicious down to every last beat!

If you listen closely to this new Kit Kat jingle below, the unmistakable sounds of Valentino Khan build between the brand’s iconic catch phrase. Khan’s deep, jungle vibes can be heard with “Deep Down Low” … “Pump” … and now, the Kit Kat jingle “Gimme A Break.”

We’re not gonna lie, we wish the promo was much longer than just :30 seconds because we like where Khan is going with this. While the spinning Kit Kat record and candy wrappers are sure signs this is a commercial, we wouldn’t be quite as convinced if we heard it in the club without any advertisements. This sounds like a straight up hit.

Break me off a piece of that… Kit Kat, Khan!

Kit Kat Jingle – Valentino Khan (EDM Remix)

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