Drones will be a key factor in keeping music festival attendees safe at Coachella this year. Event organizers in collaboration with local police will unleash surveillance drones next month as part of a security strategy over the two weekends.

Tragic world events have caused security at events like Coachella to ramp up. Tried and true methods as well as new precautions will be enforced. For anyone who experiences long wait times, extra traffic due to searches, etc. — just know the process is all part of public safety.

“England, San Bernardino, Vegas, Florida, all these horrific events, we gleam something from that,” Sgt. Marshall explains.

Drones are also coming into play. “When I mean everything. I mean everything from food vendors to the trucks that show up, we look at it from every angle.”

According to sources, metal detectors, pat-downs, surveillance, drones, and more are all part of the security plan as well. In the case of emergency, first responders will be on site with tourniquets and other medical equipment.

Staff are instructed to report anything even remotely suspicious, and festival goers should do the same. Acting with the following mantra will help keep people safe: “See something, say something.

Coachella takes place April 13 – 15 and April 20 – 22. More on the festival’s safety precautions here.


Source: KMIR | Photo: Roger Ho