Kissy Sell Out his a major chord on “Dub For Ya Speaker” when he brought on Eddie Craig, Dread MC, and Tengu, but Virtue has just taken it to another level entirely. The original is a down and dirty 2step tune; it definitely has a good amount of groove and enough flair to put any feet on the dance floor. But for those who want their music at a higher tempo, Virtue has you covered.

Converting the original into a DnB roller might not seem super easy at first listen, but to Virtue, it was apparently effortless. The vocals work perfectly with the pumped up tempo and the synths are even better. Though it might be difficult to recreate the speed of this on the fly live, it packs a punch on the speakers.

People talk about ‘dancefloor weapons’ a lot; well, imagine this to be your standard issue sniper rifle. It’s reliable, true to aim, and absolutely lethal.

Grab it here and listen below.