NËU has gotten pretty good at teasing releases until fans just can’t stand it anymore, but pair that with how sought after Signs is right now in DnB, and the re-release of NËU004 almost created a neurofunk powder keg. Luckily, the wait is over and DJs and fans alike can check out the dual single, featuring “The Curse” and “Warthog.”

“The Curse” has had significant play already as NËU put up a teaser on YouTube and Soundcloud last week, and it’s been making the broadcast rounds as well. The a-side is a straight steppy neurofunk banger with the main synth driving it being the bass synth. A screeching metallic sound punctuates each phrase, even during the breaks. The track also opens with a sample of what sounds like an interview of a kid from one of the recent mass shootings, so this track may be a comment on what’s going on in society right now.

“Warthog” only had a clip available until today, but it’s quite different than “The Curse.” This is not surprising if one knows Signs. Generally with this French trio, no two tracks are ever alike. They’re like heavy, crunchy snowflakes. “Warthog” has more of a darkstep flavor, with more snare-heavy beats, amen breaks and heavier sub bass. That said, once the track gets going it gets quite steppy as well but its structure is definitely not as straightforward as “The Curse.” There are entire sections where the beat changes completely and leads the listener to believe that the track will take a whole different direction before it returns to the main beat. It should be pretty interesting to mix live. It’s also pretty easy to see why this track is called “Warthog”: the bass synth, which carries the track through all its varied structures and amen breaks and dizzying drops, sounds exactly like an actual warthog chomping on something. Think Bebop from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, only more sinister. This track couldn’t be more fun.

It was only a matter of time until NËU and Signs teamed up. With the quality beats coming out of both camps and Signs’s diversity and innovation it was inevitable that they would put out such a solid single.  There’s not really much more to say; cop it, enjoy it, have fun trying to mix it.

NËU004 “The Curse” and “Warthog” is out now on all major platforms. Click here or visit the NËU website.