Snapchat filters have never looked so good! The app has advantage of Apple’s TrueDepth camera technology in its Lenses Selfie mode, which sees the faces of your friends and family in a whole new way.

Users of the iPhone X users who utilize Snapchat will see new AR masks. This isn’t your average Snapchat filter, mind you. Apple’s advanced facial mapping technology literally superimposes masks onto the subject for a realistic result. Precision is key, as the new system utilizes 30,000 infrared dots on users face.

The new system is totally cool and totally Snap-worthy. But, that’s not all the iPhone AR lens can do. Subtle details like light reflection and blurred backgrounds ensure Snaps are looking their very best.

According to a report, “developers do have access to the map of user’s face Truedepth camera and data of up to 50 facial expressions to tell a developer how you raise your eyebrows or move your mouth.”

However, Apple guarantees that this info can’t be utilized in any way for publicizing or promoting. So it’s no Cambridge Analytica part 2 or anything…


Source: Mobile App Daily