Avicii had a lot of history with his longtime manager before they parted ways in 2016. And from the sounds of it, Ash Pournouri is taking the news of the producer’s death especially hard. Rightfully so.

“Shock. Grief. Anger. Rage. Apathy. Despair. Misery. Pain. Pain. Pain.”

Any combination of these mixed feelings and emotions are validated for his friends, family, team, fans and anyone else who looked up to him. Pournouri is no different. His sorrow can be felt through the words he just shared on social media following the tragic news.

“I don’t even know what this feeling is called,” Ash contines.

His statement an be read below, which details the dynamic of his relationship with Avicii and what they’ve been through over the years. Ash describes the producer as “one in a billion” and “raw talent” — it’s impossuble to argue with any of these sentiments.

Last time the two met, Ash says Avicii was in good spirits and very happy because he’d chosen to put himself first. He described the producer as “strong and alert,” and his problems were only that of a typical 28-year-old — women.

Our hearts go out to all the close family and friends of Avicii.

Ash Pournouri Speaks Out

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