When you think about the past 18 months for The Chainsmokers, they’ve accomplished a lot. Many popular songs, a bunch of hits, and a renewed sense of purpose and direction in 2018 have led them to this point. In recognition of their objective success, Drew Taggart was awarded Songwriter of the Year by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, or ASCAP.

“This is crazy,” he says in his speech. “There are so many people in this room that I really respect and idolize and look up to.” That list includes other stellar songwriters in attendance, including Max Martin, Steve Mac, and Starrah. He also acknowledges Emily Warren, who wasn’t in the room, for her role in teaching them to believe in themselves and never compromise their ideals.

While many people will likely disagree with this distinction bestowed upon Drew, there’s no doubt that their songwriting and production talents have led them to become one of the top music acts in the world. So congratulations Drew and The Chainsmokers, you all deserve it!

Drew Taggart accepts award for ASCAP’s Songwriter Of The Year


Photo via Rukes.com