Prior to his death, Avicii was working on his third studio album, following True and Stories. He’d released an EP in 2017 titled Avīci (01), but more was on the way and he’d been in the studio with many artists, including Chris Martin.

In fact, footage from Avicii’s documentary True Stories shows footage of the two in the studio. Their collaboration “Heaven” unfortunately never saw the light of day, but, like many things, a version of it ended up leaking and making its way to streaming sites like SoundCloud.

Melodic and bright, the song sounds like it could have been produced by Kygo as well, but Avicii’s signature sound is found throughout each and every wonderful chord. The pre-chorus is especially heartwrenching, given current events: “I think I just died / and went to heaven.”

Even writing this, it’s hard to not let tears well up. Listen to “Heaven” below, we hope this eventually sees the light of day as intended!

Avicii ft Chris Martin – Heaven


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