Labrinth x Sia x Diplo are about to hit us with “LSD!”

Not too long ago we learned that these three amazing artists were teaming up to bring us some tripped out music — and now the producer has confirmed we’ll get to hear the track as soon as Thursday.

Diplo, Sia and Labrinth have worn their psychedelic best just for the occasion. Even Sia’s signature hair style is looking more colorful than ever. From the looks of the post below, we’ll also get to see some visual representation to go with the new single, assuming it’s only just a single they’re dropping.

Although we have no idea at this point how “LSD” will sound, we know it’s bound to perk up all of our senses. Diplo’s knack for danceable beats, plus Sia’s earthshaking vocals, mixed with Labrinth’s, smooth contemporary sound all promise a bonafide hit is just days away.

There are three really obvious reasons why “LSD” is going to be awesome. Labrinth, Sia, Diplo: the artists spell it out. Please, let Thursday come sooner!

Labrinth + Sia + Diplo = LSD

thursday #LSD

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