Months after a shooter opened fire on a Las Vegas music festival crowd, police footage from the scene of the horrific crime has surfaced. The videos below feature bodycam clips from the initial search and into Stephen Paddock’s hotel room at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Footage shows officiers breaching the outer area of the hotel room before entering, when an explosion is heard in the hotel room. This is likely the gunshot that ended Stephen Paddock’s life.

Upon entering, guns are scattered around on the room floor, and someone mentions “suitcase full of loaded ak mags.” They talk about how the shooter set up an “intricate camera system” so he knew exactly when they were approaching.

It’s impressive how calm these police officers remain in such a dangerous situation — though it’s very eerie to witness. From what we can see and hear, the officials handled themselves as well as they possibly could.

Stephen Paddock shot and killed 58 people and injuring hundreds more. He ultimately turned the gun on himself before police could arrest him.

WARNING: Video contains graphic content and may disturb some viewers

Bodycam Footage from Vegas Shooter’s Hotel Room

Bodycam As Cops Search For Vegas Shooter Location