smle have grown from your everyday bedroom producers into Grammy-nominated powerhouses, and their quest for musical domination continues with the release of their new single “Into Something.” Featuring vocals from Kiddo A.I, the track is a bubbly ballad with synths that match Kiddo’s quivering voice.

smle incorporate live instruments into their performances, so the transition from dance tracks á la EDM to more full-fledged songs with verses and choruses is a natural one. That being said, “Into Something” is still worthy of the dance floor. In fact, we’d bet that the live version of this song could be made a lot more energetic and powerful, bringing another dimension to the whole project.

“Kiddo A.I has been one of our go to’s for some time now because not only do she absolutely kill it with her writing and amazing vocals but she’s also fast. Into Something is a beautiful record that came together very quickly between us all and it’s very special to us along with the rest of the EP. There is something special that we’ve come to cherish when songs come together so naturally & effortlessly like these.” – smle

“Into Something” is officially out tomorrow via Lowly Palace, but you can listen to it here on Your EDM now!