Steve Angello is speaking out against the new wave of rappers, what they stand for, and the people supporting their music. “Are you out of your minds?” he posed the question via social media.

Rappers including Lil Pump, 6ix9ine, Lil Xan, and the late Lil Peep have been bashed by critics for glorifying drugs and other controversial topics. Now, Steve Angello is calling it like he sees it — and he’s not very impressed with today’s rap scene.

“You are putting our kids’ future in the hands of uneducated idiots who aren’t even trying at life. Complete idiots who promote guns, drugs, rape and violence to name a few.”

A little harsh, but he’s right — gun violence, drug use, and rape culture are commonly heard in music coming out of this mumble rapper era. Angello is wishing for higher standards previously held by the rap game.

“The rappers I grew up with came from the streets but succeeded in life. Their vocabulary and motivation made us all believe in a better future. Their voice was strength to stand up!”

He recalls a time when rap was political, artistic expression, and even educational. Sure, today’s rappers don’t always set a shining example — but at least we have the Childish Gambinos out there provoking the right kinds of conversations. Watch “This is America” here.

Steve Angello Talks Modern Rap Culture

Steve Angello with an accurate description of what’s wrong with modern rap culture. Thoughts? from aves


Photo: Oh Dag Yo Photography