It was only a few hours ago that we were reporting that deadmau5 had started on a demo for his collaboration with Rezz, something that fans have been wanting ever since Rezz first signed with mau5trap. Still, both artists were adamant about only starting something of quality, so it’s been until now before anything actually got started.

Deadmau5 was streaming from his studio earlier today, putting something together, and this is what he came up with, this 85 BPM… monster. Aside from his studio work with Shotty Horroh and maybe “Raise Your Weapon,” we’ve never heard something this evil-sounding from the mau5 before; that bodes well for when Rezz gets her hands on this.

The demo is still lacking a lot of structure and doesn’t sound anything like a finished track, but you can already get a feeling for what it could possibly sound like when all is said and done.

Check out the demo below and try not to get too excited about the whole thing.

Here you go @officialrezz fuckit yolo swag 85bae

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