Prince Fox’s style has changed pretty radically over the past 12 months, from using softer synths and making ballads to actually singing on his own tracks. One of the first tracks to feature this new direction was “Open Invite,” a solo original with minimal production and relying heavily on his own voice.

Some fans were predictably a little surprised and maybe disappointed in the track; after all, it wasn’t the Prince Fox they’d come to know. All artists eventually change, and fans have to deal with that in their own way.

That being said, Prince Fox just put out two remixes for “Open Invite” that should appease fans, from Blvk Sheep and Pixel Terror. Blvk Sheep puts a more future bass-euphoric vibe on it with swelling synths in the drop and bright harmonies. Pixel Terror, on the other hand, stays true to their roots with a bombastic dubstep drop and wild synth work.

Check out both remixes below!