Premiered by Complex today, fans can now listen to Jauz’s new song with Kiiara, “Diamonds,” before it officially drops tonight on streaming services.

Jauz said that this song was “probably one of the most stand-out records from the album, in my opinion, just because of how ‘out there’ for me it is,” and we can definitely tell how that plays out. The song is a blend of mellow and deep house roots, giving attention equally to both. Kiiara’s voice is a focal point of the track, crooning atop the melody.

Elements of hip hop also make their way into the mix, giving this one a heavily layered feeling.

When considering all of the tracks that he has already released for this album, this is easily one of our most-anticipated projects of 2018. He has already released collaborations with Example, DJ Snake, Snails, and LAZER LAZER LAZER, and now he adds Kiiara to the mix.

We wonder if there are any solo Jauz tracks on the album (there must be), but we’re enjoying the collabs for now. Check out “Diamonds” with Kiiara below.

Jauz x Kiiara – Diamonds


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