Congrats to Sam and Dusty, two Markus Schulz fans who just got engaged onstage during the DJ’s set at Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago over the weekend.

I can’t imagine what kind of butterflies these guys had during their special moment captured below, but I can explain exactly how I felt as a witness. I felt lucky to have stumbled upon this proposal firsthand and it instantly brought tears to my eyes. Knowing the EDM community is so full of love — all kinds of love — made me appreciate my connection with the music so much more than I ever thought possible.

But who cares about me — let’s hear it from Dusty’s perspective, as he’s the one who popped the big question to the man of his dreams:

Wow tonight was even better than I dreamed it! I’m still speechless. After being with the man I love for over 7 1/2 years I asked him tonight to be my future husband. Thank you to everyone that made this possible especially @markusschulz for your time, talent, amazing music, and amazing song for this moment! This will be something we will cherish forever.

Markus Schulz has been helping couples get engaged on stage for quite a while now and it’s just as beautiful every time.

Again, congrats to the soon-to-be husband and husband! We wish you all the love in the world!

Markus Schulz Proposal @ Spring Awakening 2018


Photo via @dusty_geaux_tigers