Despite your political affiliation, politics and music go hand-in-hand. House and techno acts are coming together for a huge political rave scheduled this summer. Why are they coming together, and even playing for free? One man: President Donald Trump.

Revolution Day will take place at Soho Radio in London on July 13, the same day President Trump is scheduled to visit the UK. London DJ Gideön is co-hosting the event with Soho Radio, and the bill is stacked. Seth Troxler, Eats Everything, Heidi, Jackmaster, A Guy Called Gerald, Midland, Breach and more will play the 12-hour marathon protest rave. The event will take place before and after a planned demonstration in London.

Seth Troxler, Jackmaster, Midland and Eats Everything told DJ Mag why they’re playing the event for free. Their responses below:

Seth Troxler:

“The essence of art is based in resistance. We’re at a turning point in history where fascism is on the rise, and only through global awareness can we fight the tide of the rising right. Silence is collaboration, it’s in our works and collaborative effort that we scream, ‘Never!’. 

“I fucking hate Donald [Trump] and Brexit. They have hijacked the political system and if we don’t resist, in even the slightest way, we’re all fucked.”


“I think I owe it to our culture. I owe it to people of colour, I owe it to women, I owe it to the people most marginalised by the UK & US governments. I feel music has always been my best medium of communication. What we need is a positive message of resistance right now and I feel like it’s this generation of club kids can help us deliver!”


“I don’t really see this as offering my services for free, it’s a chance to make a noise for something we believe in and oppose. It’s important to try and change minds and what better way to do it than using music.”

Eats Everything:

“I’m doing this because I believe in equality, inclusion and a better, more caring and peaceful world. With the current regime globally, I feel that the world is becoming divisive, more exclusive and unequal in favour of the people in positions of power in all walks of life. It’s time for that to fucking change.

“I believe it’s important for folk in my position to be doing something to help create that change as I – believe it or not – have influence. I want to use that influence to help as many people as possible instead of lining my pockets and sitting on my fat fucking ass.”