After dropping mysterious art pieces depicting his logo, Aphex Twin is ready to reveal what he’s been teasing. Record label Warp Records has announced a new Aphex Twin EP, and it looks like Adult Swim might preview the EP soon.

Warp’s Twitter account announced Aphex Twin’s new EP, titled Collapse. Warp posted a press release distorted by Aphex Twin’s logo, matching the recent art pieces popping up. The press release itself is a bit confusing; an eagle-eyed user on Twitter attempted to decode the text (seen below).

If the press release and the attempted interpretation are to be believed, the potential tracklist for Collapse will be:

  1. T69 Interuption
  2. First 44. MT 1 t 29 r 2
  3. Abundancel 0 edit [2 R 8, FZ 20 m & a 909]
  4. Pthex (bonus track)

In related news, Adult Swim accidentally revealed a five-minute segment titled “Aphex Twin: Collapse” to air tonight. The segment has since been removed from the schedule, and Pitchfork reports Adult Swim has removed the segment entirely. It’s possible Adult Swim is playing coy to downplay the leak, but we’ll find out tonight… or whenever they may reschedule the segment, if they reschedule at all.

The release date for Collapse is unknown, but it seems like it’s coming sooner rather than later.