Mavrick Savvy is a rapper out of Jacksonville, Florida who is trying to push a different sound and shatter the current stereotype of mumble rap out of the south. With his new single and music video called “Paradice,” is seems like this hip hopper is looking to bring back some of the great sounds of the past and modernize them for the new generation.

It’s hard to put one’s finger on a specific style in Savvy’s second single, as “Paradice” seems to be one of those productions that sort transcends genre and era. In terms of vocal flow, Savvy is quite modern in his approach with a meter which runs along the beat but also deviates and syncopates to it in a really interesting way. It’s a unique style as it combines a recognizable meter with pauses and beat-steps which many hip hop fans likely haven’t heard before.

Lyrically, Savvy’s subject matter is sort of all over the board. In one verse he’ll talk about partying and drugs and the standard pop hip hop subjects, but in the next it might be a little deeper, about his feelings about staying focused on his goals and music. The chorus acknowledges the life he’s chosen is a gamble but claims it’s worth it for his passion and love for hip hop.

Beat-wise, Savvy’s work is clean and well-produced but not overly complicated and definitely not any EDM fusion. “Paradice” seems to connote an early-to-mid 2000s vibe while his first single “All the Way Gone” might remind fans of something a bit earlier. These beats along with Savvy’s smooth and wholly unique vocals go together seamlessly and it’s obvious he had a hand in the production. It would be very surprising to find the beats on either track were written for any other rapper and in fact Savvy mentions working in studios in Hollywood before putting out solo tracks, so it seems he isn’t just a one-trick pony and he seems to have a preternatural sense of how beats and vox go together in hip hop. This should serve Savvy well as he continues to move forward in his new venture.

For EDM fans who also like straight-up hip hop, Mavrick Savvy’s unique, no-nonsense style is definitely something to keep an eye on as he moves forward. Savvy may not show up at many festivals, but his classic, polished hip hop vibe will likely appeal to fans of EDM and many other genres just the same.

“Paradice” by Mavrick Savvy is out now and can be streamed on Spotify.