If you don’t know by now, the members of Swedish House Mafia are most definitely getting back together. In fact, they’re already planning studio time as they gear up for a 2019 world tour.

After five years, Sebastian Ingrosso answered the question on everyone’s mind — “Why now?” His answer was pretty simple — “We felt it was time, and we missed it. And above all, we had fans who wanted us to reunite.” Seems like a no brainer.

It was about a month ago when he also confirmed all three members were planning to get back in the studio. With that info came perhaps the most surprising reveal, Ingrosso said his project with Axwell would be put on hold while Swedish House Mafia reforms.

“[We] will actually put it on the shelf. As I usually say, there are three dots, it’s not two plus a dot. But we will definitely still do our individual stuff.”

Which, brings us to our main point here. The three dots have joined once again. If you search on social media for the three members of the EDM supergroup, you’ll find a fun little Easter egg.

Additionally, Axwell and Ingrosso have just completely wiped their Twitter pages. Angello’s is still intact – for now.

Swedish House Mafia is finally taking form! Get excited!

Swedish House Mafia – Connect The Dots

"hey mom, Steve, Axwell, and Ingrosso are doing that thing again…" from EDM


Photo via Rukes.com