TroyBoi is at it again with the second volume of his V!BEZ series, following up with more of his signature sound and genre-bending style.

V!BEZ Vol. 2 is a direct followup to his V!BEZ EP, which dropped earlier this year. The worldly series is all about experimental bass music, which comes along naturally with the name — TroyBoi. His fusion of electronic, trap, hip hop and R&B, he simply brands as “my style.”

Slow, intentional beats and and spicy rhythms are the focus of V!BES, Vol. 2, but you know TroyBoi wouldn’t drop this on us without at least one certified banger. “Drip (No Mayo)” with icekream proves to be just that with heavy bass and all the sauce. Of course, the entire 7-track EP is fire but that particular track steals the spotlight by design.

TroyBoi, in his own words, shares the scope of the new EP:

If you like music that makes you go ‘urghhhh’, music that makes you feel good, music that will allow you to escape into your own world, music that will make your hips gyrate off your spinal cord, then this is the EP for you

Get down and vibe out to TroyBoi’s V!BES, Vol. 2 right here.

TroyBoi – V!BES, Vol. 2