Jack Ü as a group has been done for a while now, but that doesn’t negate the fact that there’s a crapload of demos from the project still just existing in purgatory – remember that Florence + The Machine collab that never got released? Yeah, we still think about it.

During the time the project was in its peak, a lot of other producers were working with them on tracks. For instance, “Light Me Up” on RL Grime’s NOVA was originally a Jack Ü demo with just Miguel. When Diplo showed it to RL, and Jack Ü went bottom up, RL took it and got Julia Michaels on it, and we have what we have now.

Another producer to have apparently worked on Jack Ü demos is Wuki. How do we know this? Graves asked him point blank on Twitter yesterday, “Maybe you will release all your jack u demos.” To everyone’s surprise, Wuki responded, “Hahahahaha actually one is going to see the light of day soon.”

So keep in mind, this definitely isn’t going to be a new Jack Ü track coming out. That being said, it’s a track that had Jack Ü in mind when Wuki produced it, so it might be enough to cut the craving just a bit. Like drinking non-alcoholic beer when you’ve given it up the real stuff for Lent. It might not be the same, but it’s close…

Keep an eye out for new music from Wuki coming soon, it might just sound familiar.