Skrillex’s Bangarang EP just celebrated a seventh birthday last month. Seven tracks made up the classic, including the collaboration with Wolfgang Gartner, “Devil’s Den.” The original made the most of both Skrillex’s and Wolfgang’s signature sounds, resulting in a dubstep/electro hybrid that is still hard to match to this day.

But times change, and so do trends. As midtempo becomes the hot new genre, newcomer LICK has taken it upon himself to rework the classic for a more modern crowd. It’s nastier, darker, and not as dance-floor-high-energy as the original, but far more suited to the new headbanger contingent.

Nothing will ever compare to the original “Devil’s Den,” but LICK isn’t out to make comparisons anyway. He’s forging his own path and this is as damn good as anything else. Check it out below.