Ask any trance fan to name a classic song in the genre, and it’s a safe bet that many will name “Till The Sky Falls Down.” Released by Dash Berlin in 2008, it’s a classic in more than just the nostalgic sense, using truly classic trance synths and progressions as well as drawing from real-life events for the song’s sorrowful lyrics.

In a new series called “The Untold Story,” Dash Berlin begins to tell the origins of the classic. According to the videos, the song was originally written by member Sebastiaan Molijn during a particularly melancholy autumn one year, and produced together with fellow Dash member Eelke Kalberg. The lyrics are based off real events in Molijn’s life.

Have you ever missed someone so bad that it made you feel empty inside?

Surely it’s easy to see how the lyrics translate this sentiment.

What isn’t as easy to see is the reasoning, or more importantly, timing, behind the videos. Recently, longtime member of Dash Berlin Jeffrey Sutorius split from the trio over irreconcilable differences, and has been playing solo shows since the end of 2018. Dash Berlin recently revealed there was new music coming out from the group, but without Sutorius at the forefront, it’s unclear if fans will even be receptive to the new tunes, or who would play them out live.

All this time we have been silent. But in this new year… we are breaking the silence.

Dash Berlin definitely has something to say, whether fans are ready to listen or not. Watch parts one and two of “The Untold Story” below — it’s currently unclear if there is a third part on the way.