Normally if an artist, celebrity, or athlete wants to answer fan questions on the internet, they’ll do a form of AMA: ask me anything. Platforms that support this vary from Reddit, where there’s an actual community for it; Instagram, where there’s a question button built in; or Twitter, where it’s admittedly a bit more messy. Then again, fans can just notice a public figure is answering lots of questions and start flooding the person with more! The latter seems to be the case with Illenium this past weekend.

Fans began pouring their questions to Illenium, who answered quite a good amount, a couple dozen at least. Sometimes, he wasn’t even answering questions at all, just responding to random fans who hadn’t even tagged him!

Some highlights if you don’t want to scroll through all the tweets below:

  • Two nights of Red Rocks 2019
  • There will be an album this year, but he doesn’t know when
  • The title of the new track he just dropped is “PRAY”
  • Festival sets this year won’t be Awake 2.0, but they won’t be DJ sets, either. Somewhere in between
  • He’d love to collaborate with Bassnectar, Skrillex, or Porter
  • He wouldn’t remix “Divinity” by Porter Robinson because “it’s already perfect”

“Him” is blanke in the tweet below.


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