Never one to go back on his word, Illenium debuted his forthcoming collaboration with Jon Bellion, “Good Things Fall Apart,” last night at Ubbi Dubbi Festival in Texas.

Illenium headlined the festival’s main stage on its second and final day, bringing all his usual feels, as well as intense combination of heaters. During the set, Illenium debuted his awaited Bellion collaboration to an excited crowd, and the result is nothing short of spectacular.

Production aside, Bellion has an absolutely incredible voice, and it’s hard to imagine this song being as good as it is with anyone else. The two work together perfectly, with Illenium’s emotional production and Bellion’s heartfelt, powerful vocals intertwining in the sonic realm for this wonderful piece of art..

No word yet exactly when this one is coming out, but it’s sure to be sooner than later! We’re still waiting on an official announcement for Illenium’s next album, as well.

Check out the track below.


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