R3HAB is back with his first single of 2020, “More Than OK,” a smooth and vibey collaboration with Swedish singer Clara Mae and Canadian producer/DJ Frank Walker. “More Than OK” definitely stays in line with a lot of R3hab’s 2019 releases, a melodic, more radio friendly tune with amazing female vocal work.

The production elements are pretty minimal to begin with, some guitar string plucks and light percussion before the beat comes in. Above all else, Clara Mae’s vocals truly shine as she sings about a relationship that has lost its spark. After the first verse, we get a light melody in the background with some light synths to accompany the chorus. The drop is brief, but it’s catchy as the echoing synth and swaying drum beat give off some strong summertime vibes.

Here’s what the three artists had to say about coming together for “More Than OK.”

“I’ve been a fan of Clara Mae’s voice for quite a while, and when I got the chance to work with her, I didn’t hesitate one minute. ‘More Than OK’ is a cool vibey song with great vocals, including a message everyone can relate to, and a perfect way to kick off the new decade.” – R3HAB

“‘More Than OK’ is a reminder to never settle for less than what you want in life and in love. You want every day to feel special, and love like every day is your last. Working on this record with R3HAB and Frank Walker has been so much fun. I love the vibe they brought to the track. Shooting the video was amazing. It was a real challenge doing underwater scenes but also an incredible experience, and we had lots of fun together. So happy with how it all turned out, and Mario, the director, made the video look so beautiful!” – Clara Mae

“I’ve been a huge fan of R3HAB since I first started producing music and am lucky to call him a good friend as well. Around a year ago I reached out about getting him to remix my single ‘Heartbreak Back,’ which went gold in Canada, so I’m super fired up that we finally found the right record for us to collab on. Clara Mae is unbelievably talented, and her voice on ‘More Than OK’ really made this one special!” – Frank Walker

Check out “More Than OK” from R3HAB & Clara Mae & Frank Walker out now on CYB3RPVNK. You can catch R3HAB performing at Beyond Wonderland Southern California March 20-21.