A lot of high profile celebrities are gifted apparel and items from brands in exchange for wearing them and showing them off. This practice was in place even before Instagram influencers became a thing, but that occupation has definitely influenced the proliferation of the practice, as well. What you get and who sends you products differs on your own personal brand — for Zedd, his apparel of choice is sneakers. And he has a lot of them in his closet.

Zedd posted a video of his closet at home yesterday filled with sneakers, and by our estimate, he has around two hundred and sixty five pairs of shoes! And more than likely, he’s actually purchased less than half of them.

Popular brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, as well as a partnership with Portland, OR-based brand Columbia keep his closet well-stocked with new styles and classic looks, as well as some designs that are a bit more out there.

Probably the only other EDM artist who outdoes Zedd is Steve Aoki, who has over 400 pairs in his shoe room in his massive Las Vegas mansion.


Photo via Rukes.com