Many artists and management teams and production companies are hosting live streams in the absence of live events, and Cardinal Artists is no different. You might not recognize the name, but you certainly know the artists on their roster: JVNA, QUIX, Vincent, Madnap, Luca Lush, Stayloose, and more.

The whole roster will be live streaming sets this Sunday, March 22, starting at 10am PT, plus special guests. Donations will be accepted, with 100% of proceeds will be going to COVID-19 relief charities. The stream will be hosted by JVNA on her Twitch channel here.

Every artist will record a livestream style 30-45 minute set and it will then be broadcasted on JVNA’s Twitch channel with her hosting the whole event in the bottom corner — video game Twitch style. Special guests will accompany all the billed Cardinal artists, but you’ll have to tune in and watch to see who shows up!

Important to note that everyone will be recording from their own homes so it is as COVID-19 friendly as possible. Duos will be recording their sets with only one person. All artists will join the chat when it is their set to interact with fans and do an AMA type interaction.

Tune in here Sunday at 10am PT