Amidst all the awful news for festival season and the music industry at large, there is some good news squeaking in. Insomniac head Pasquale Rotella took to Instagram Live earlier today to clear the air about upcoming festivals and also discuss future projects coming from North America’s top EDM event brand.

After confirming all current planned Insomniac festivals are still on, he addressed a popular question among festival-goers in the electronic space: what’s going on with Middlelands?

His answer is as promising as we could’ve hoped. Middlelands is making its long-awaited return in 2021. Although Rotella offered no further details on the renaissance-themed festival, this news comes as a bright light in rather dark times for the festival scene at large.

Some may recall the event was barred from returning after its spectacular debut in 2017 at the grounds of the Texas Renaissance Fairgrounds after locals filed multiple sound complaints and even accused the festival of causing the death of an alpaca. Although it may not be coming back to the same venue, we’re sure Insomniac has great plans for the event and can’t wait to learn more details about exactly when and where it will take place.

Check out the tweet below for more information on what was covered during the live stream.


Image via Julian Cassady for Insomniac