If you want to feel something today, look no further than Slander & Bossfight‘s new remix for “Potions.”

The epic collaboration between Slander and Said the Sky, featuring JT Roach, has taken on a life of its own since its 2019 release. The production has garnered remixes from some of bass music’s finest — Tisoki, Eliminate, Tynan, Helker, Blanke and many more.

Today, we’re treated to yet another rework of the track that packs a punch and hits you right in the feels. Slander have mastered that approach in much of their work, but here, “Potions” sounds more powerful than ever.

Collaborator Bossfight says, “I feel like bass music in general can have a pretty empowering effect. When a heavy drop comes, you instantly become unstoppable and it has helped me several times to get myself together and carry on.”

Listen and let us know if you’re loving it!

Potions (Slander & Bossfight Remix)


Photo: Koury Angelo