Last October, it came out that a fest trustee was suing Blink-182, Kendall Jenner, and Emily Ratajkowski for their performance fees. Now, according to Perez Hilton, Kendall Jenner has settled her suit and will be paying $90,000 for her involvement in promoting the festival.

The suit initially sought $270,000 back from Kendall Jenner, who was paid $275,000 for her Instagram post about the event. One of the important aspects of the suit was that Jenner did not disclose that she was being paid for the post, which is actually against the law for paid Instagram ads from influencers. The implication that her sister Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West would make an appearance was also brought up.

Writes Hilton, “The suit was filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York back in August 2019 by Gregory Messer, the event trustee recovering ‘money for creditors that lost money investing in the festival.’ He said Kendall’s involvement with the promo ‘[demonstrated] a clear lack of good faith on Jenner’s part.'”

Jenner spoke to the NYT last April, before the suit was brought forth, to offer a half-hearted explanation about her part in the festival:

“You get reached out to by people to, whether it be to promote or help or whatever, and you never know how these things are going to turn out, sometimes it’s a risk… I definitely do as much research as I can, but sometimes there isn’t much research you can do because it’s a starting brand and you kind of have to have faith in it and hope it will work out the way people say it will… You never really know what’s going to happen.”

Others named in the suit included MigosPusha T, and Lil Yachty.


via Perez Hilton