I’m in the heat of finals, so my musical scope for the long hours of studying is very specific. Stimulating, yet soothing to the ears so as not to disturb the tense focus on academics. Usually you don’t want to go through a bunch of singles either, which is why the Violette EP from La Décadance is perfect for the occasion. I think of millions of other occasions it’d be perfect for too because the calming vibes are appropriate anytime. Blending indie, pop and electro, La Décadance deliver four solid musical works that will be played out around Europe live this year. The two members have been in the music scene for a while, but there debut EP together solidifies their place that much more. They bring a certain coolness with their tracks that is no better exemplified by “Violette” and “Rue Saint-Jaques.” They have that old school feel with a modern touch.

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